Don't Stinge On The Minge

2 April 1988
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i'm sarah and im australian.
i work as a nanny in brisbane. doesn't matter that the job is mostly full of dirty nappies and children
smearing food and dirt on any available surface, i love it when they learn to say a word, when
they do something cute like try to snort like a pig or tell me this massive story about something
so insignificant to everyone else.
i'm 21 but i still prefer to watch the lion king and the land before time and have sleepovers
with chocolate and stories about pretty boys and girls.
i'm the worst kind of drunk to be around. I always apologize to my friends the morning after though.
i prefer to wear skinny legs and not dresses since I have trouble sitting like a lady.
i listen to country, pop, rock, emo, screamo, classic rock, dance, hard rock, metal, classical,
australian hip hop and punk music.
i really love lacey mosley's style, danneel harris' rack and hayley williams hair.
i love tattoo's and peircings. I have 3 peircings and 2 tattoo and I'm still not even close to being finished.
i'm not going to be happy until i've seen what the world has to offer me.

supernatural. jensen ackles//jared padalecki. dean winchester//sam winchester.
one tree hill. lucas scott//peyton sawyer.
bones. booth//brennen.
csi: new york. danny//lindsay.
hannah montana. lilly/jackson.

kelly clarkson, paramore, escape the fate, ac/dc, taylor swift, underoath, behind crimson eyes.
supernatural, one tree hill, bones, csi: new york, law and order: svu, hannah montana, la ink, london ink, miami ink, australian idol.
jensen ackles. jared padalecki. kat von d. danneel harris. miranda kerr. katie cassidy. todd lasance. miley cyrus.

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